ECOLOGY & RACE CAMPUS, July 5th 2024

Race campus

ECOLOGY & RACE CAMPUS, July 5th 2024

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Lieu: Salle du conseil, Campus Carlone, UniCA (Université Côte d’Azur)

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Breakfast, Welcome & opening statements : Lawrence Randolph, Ministre-Conseiller aux Affaires publiques à l'Ambassade des Etats-Unis d'Amérique & Vanessa Tiersky, Public engagement specialist au Consulat des Etats-Unis d'Amérique


Teaching workshops + Q&A        

9h-9h30 - Educational Workshop #1: « Teaching race, belonging, empire and migration in secondary schools » led by Prof. Nandini Das

9h30-10h - Educational Workshop #2: « Addressing race in the Environmental Humanities Master’s Degree at Ca’ Foscari University of Venise », led by Shaul Bassi

10h15-10h30                   Coffee break


Hybrid Educational Workshop #1: Feedback of teachers and learners of:

Collège Nucéra, Nice (Teacher: Caroline Gianni, Classe 5°2, REP+)

Lycée Calmette, Nice (Teacher: Magali Salinas)

Graduate students on their courses on race & ecology (UniCA)

12h15-13h45: Lunch break


Teaching workshops + Q&A        

13h30-14h - Educational Workshop #3: “Teaching Early Modern Literature through Critical Race Theory, Decolonial Theory, and Experiencing the Natural World”, led by Prof. Sujata Iyengar

14h-14h30 - Educational Workshop #4: ‘Teaching environmental matters through multiculturalism: the example of a summer school’, led by Scott Slovic

15h-15h30   Coffee break

15h30-17h   Artistic Workshop: « Race and Ecology through the living arts and visual arts »

Dancing Workshop on “Dancing against Oppressions” led by Clara Descamps (Collective corps&graphies)


I. Collégiens/ Middleschoolers: “The Environment in Our Environment”

  • Enzo Lopes Martins
  • Adem Abidi
  • Marianne Diouf
  • Siga Diouf
  • Rayana Marinova
  • Sarah Kayachi 
  • Nour chargui 
  • Taïs Robalo Semedo
  • Farah Hamdi

II. Lycéens/ Highschool students

  • Giada RUBIN PEDRAZZO & Luna THIERY: "Black & polluted: unveiling environmental racism in industrial siting."
  • Karla MEINHARDT: "Racism or Climate action: Should we have to choose a fight?"
  • Hugo ZERBIB-GOULOUMES: "To what extent can Indigenous people's vision of the Earth bring our species together and save the planet?" <- spécialité Philo, can you tell?
  • Diyé BA, Alyssa NONDA, Sara KHANAKAEV : " It's all about words: do climate skeptics and racists use the same language?"
  • Arij SHILI: "How does historical guilt drive eco-volunteering abroad and influence global interactions, while impacting efforts to aid those in need?"
  • Karina PONOMARENKO -> mise en perspective historique : raciale / colonialiste en amont des talks des autres + conclusion globale

III. Masterants/ Graduate Students 

  • Doriane Poirson & Saoirse Potelle, “The Theory of Environmental Determinism  - the supposed role of our natural surroundings in the extent of our human capacities”
  • Charlotte Royer & Samantha Xuereb, “Race & Ecology in New Media”
  • Nada Mefta, “Eco-Comics: Heroes of the Earth”
  • Ryan Derouiche